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OCTOBER 25 JAPANESE WORLD PEACE DAY At the former Japanese airfields in Mabalacat and at the 201 Meter Granite Hill of Lilly Hill, we visited these sites on the occasion the Japanese consider the occasion as World Peace Day and offer prayers for all who died in WWII in Clark area.

And today, Clark Development Corporation in cooperation with Kuliat Foundation, Inc. and the City Government of Mabalacat, with Friendship Tours, Tokkotai Memorial Foundations and Osaka Sankei Tours solemnly commemorate World Peace. The event coincided with the Japanese Tokkotai Special Attack Forces of WWII where mostly young Yokaren pilots tragically gave their lives as suicide pilots. The lessons of war now only advocate peace.

We brought our own delegation from Bamban Historical Society /Bamban WWII Museum for the event. We met some acquaintances in WWII History like Ged and Danon Dizon, Mr. Onishi, Director Eichi Funada and Tomoya Yoshida.

Also, a son of a former Tokkotai pilot was with the Japanese delegation ; Sinnji Hiraiwa, his father died at the former air strip of Mabalacat West Airfield.

An on-site exhibit on the beginning of Tokkotai Special Attack was presented to the Japanese delegation.

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