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Bamban WWII Museum (Bamban Museum for short) is a community museum dedicated to the history of Bamban and its environs with a particular interest in WWII History. Established by Rhonie C. Dela Cruz, the chairman of the Bamban Historical Society in 2005, the museum housed extensive collections of artefacts, relics, pictorial images of WWII in the Bamban-Clark area from American and Japanese sources, WWII combat films in the Bamban-Clark area as well as the Battle of Bataan, and books, maps, articles and papers from the US National Archives.

There is also a special collection for the WWII veterans of Bamban consisting of personal papers, photos and related items. The Museum has several facilities including exhibit halls, a library, the Bamban WWII Heroes Project hall, and Pinatubo stone tablets WWII memorials located inside the premises. These memorials include Pvt. Melencio Figueroa, 2nd Lt. James H. Hart and Staff Sgt. Eugene Zingheim, Bamban Battalion, Aeta Squadron 30, the Japanese Kembu memorial, and the American Divisions (40th, 43rd, 38th and 6th Divisions) in the Battle of Bamban Hills.

Bamban Museum of History Founder

It is us the living who should perpetuate the memory and deeds of our Veteran Heroes of WWII. They, who shared their heroic sacrifice, and many paid the ultimate price, must not be forgotten. Bamban WWII Museum is the manifestation of this commitment for our grandfathers and uncle who shared tragedies and victories of the Second World War.

Rhonie Dela Cruz — Founder, Descendant of WWII Heroes

Museum Availability

Bamban Museum is located along the old MacArthur Highway on what is now the Municipal Road in Barangay Lourdes, Bamban, Tarlac. Bamban and Bamban Hills used to be one of the toughest battlefields of Luzon during WWII.

It is generally open from Monday to Friday; 9 am to 4 pm. Special appointments can be secured by prior call, text or email for certain availability even for Saturday and Sunday. Since the pandemic and the community lockdown imposed by the Philippine Government, the Museum has been implementing strict public safety protocols for a limited number of visitors. However, as Bamban Museum is privately owned, it is recommended that visitors secure prior schedules or appointments first, especially for group visitors and guests.

The Bamban Historical Society

Officers and Members of Bamban Historical Society as of January 29, 2024

Rhonie Dela Cruz
Romel Dela Cruz
Ramon Auditor
Rey Ariston
Buddy Carino
Joshua LJ D. dela Cruz
Ayumi Dela Cruz
Hope Pineda
Ghil Wage
Andrew Manabat
Aries Dizon
Luisito Caguiat


Ged Dizon
Jun Bognot
Benj Wage

Special Consultants and Field Works

Tim Beckensall (Archeologist)
Gerald Randy Anderson, Sr.
Robert Pecson

Japanese Translator

Takahiro Watanabe

Consultant and Web Master

Nico Von Bognot
“In memoriam: Efren Raagas, one of the founding members of Bamban Historical Society.”

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