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2023 Bamban Historical Society Bamban WWII History Center for Japanese Pacific War Studies Tarlac Provincial Tourism Office – PGT “Exploring a Japanese War Tunnel (Vertical Hole) of Bamban Hills – Part 1 “We’re back! And we are more energetic to discover and explore WWII Historical sites and former battlefields in the region of Bamban-Clark! This time, join us as we explore this unique WWII tunnel. Our sincere thanks to all the crew of this exploration, my insan Arturo Cauguiran, Mike Ward and the WWII Heritage Guild-Philippines. https://youtu.be/YnWJV16is7s?si=V57phm0Qfh7dzes1 Testimonials: Ronnie, great to see more videos like this! I was fortunate and…



AHP Heritage Tour to Tarlac highlights : Isang Ala-Ala sa Digmaan “We have the curator himself and administrator of Bamban World War II Museum, Mr. Rhonie Cauguiran Dela Cruz .The museum had showcased not only the stories behind the villains and the victims, not only the arms they have carried, not only the remains they have left to remind us what everyone had been through the catastrophe. The museum contains the SOUL of World War II event how it had change the world. The LESSON it had valued that no matter good or bad it turned out, it is still…


Testimonials: June Palmera Vasquez

Been a silent fan and truly longing to visit one of Tarlac s historical pride Bamban WWII Museum Bamban Historical Society together with a respected and credible World War 2 historian and head museum curator, Sir Rhonie Cauguiran Dela Cruz. Its another one for the books as we re able to learn new information about significant historical events and people took place in Bamban and even nearby towns in Tarlac and Pampanga.Artifacts and relic displays were astounding and each rooms presented a nostalgic vibes as Sir Rhonnie discussed in details relevant valuable facts about the historical past in Tarlac and…


Testimonial: Daigo Naito

Hello, I just got back to Japan yesterday. Thank you for opening the museum for us. It was very relieving to hear that your museum survived the pandemic, and that you were planning for the future of the museum. We thank you again for preserving this important history, which should not be forgotten. Yes, I would love to keep in touch with you. I’m sure there are a lot more people who would appreciate coming to your museum from Japan. God bless. Daigo Naito Testimonial By Daigo Naito


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