Liberation Tarlac 1945 with Benita Perez, a guerrilla fighter from Tarlac.
This photograph taken probably at the steps of the Provincial Capitol building in 1945 Liberation with the Filipino guerrilla holding the Philippine flag is one iconic image of WWII.

As we celebrate the National Flag Day, I cannot think of other historical photograph in the important historical period of our country other than this by Benita Perez at Tarlac.

The origin of the National Flag Day goes back in 1965 when Presidential Proclamation 374 was enacted to commemorate the victory of the Filipino forces against the Spanish Army at the Battle of Alapan in Cavite. From May 28 to June 12, Filipinos are encouraged to display the National Emblem at their place of work, offices, business establishments, schools, and even in their home, to show patriotic character.

At our Bamban WWII Museum, every day is National Flag Day, as we have two Philippine flag hoists in remembrance and honor of the Filipino soldiers of WWII, especially those from Bamban and Tarlac province.

I encourage my fellow Bambanenses to display the National Flag to show solidarity in giving importance to our history, honor to our heroes and as good citizen of this town that has now been tainted with unwanted image of political and national issues.

We are proud Bambanenses, descendants of WWII heroes and patriotic Filipino citizens. And we only honor our National Flag, especially on National Flag Days.

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