Bamban and Bamban Hills hold significant historical highlights in our Nation’s History, mostly during the Philippine Revolution – Second Phase, or the Philippine-American War and in WWII. Many of the Bambanenses joined in the fight for freedom on both wars.

The History of WWII, Bamban had the significant role from the Defense of Luzon, the Guerrilla Wars, the Air War and Liberation 1945. Our local guerrillas and Aeta mountain patrol warriors had dedicated themselves in the service for our freedom, fighting along side the Americans. Civilians from the town were killed due to reprisals during the Occupation.

The officers and men of the 40th Division U.S. Army, assisted by the local guerrillas and Aeta warriors borne the brunt of the fighting in the mountain rugged terrain against the Japanese defenders. The Japanese Army and Navy lost more than 30,000 men in the defense of these hills using tunnel fortification system in the final battle of Bamban Hills.

To memorialize this part of History of WWII, Bamban WWII Museum and the Bamban Historical Society has been working on the establishment of the Bamban WWII Memorial at the foot of Hill 500, or Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto. There is also the statue of the American soldier dedicated to the American officers and men from the 40th Division who fought in the Liberation of Bamban and in the Battle of Bamban Hills.
The site with historical marker, exhibits and maps of combat operations will contribute in the tourism development, as the gateway for the WWII Tour sites at the Grotto to include the Japanese WWII tunnels.
The following are the main sponsors of the Bamban WWII Memorial:
Rhonie Dela Cruz
Mike Ward
Dan Hardiman
Miguel Angelo Villa-real and Philippine Veterans Bank
Veterans of Foreign War Post 2485
American Legion Post 123

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