One of the photographs available at the U.S. National Archives related to Tarlac province in WWII is the photo of Benita Perez, a woman guerrilla fighter taken in 1945, most probably in February.  A closer examination of this photograph shows Benita, with the Philippine flag, carries a revolver handgun on her left waist in a holster.  The building pillars behind her (right) shows that the photograph might have been taken at the provincial capitol at the time, not far from the thinking that it might be on Liberation Day. 

Tarlac the capital town was under the  command of the Tarlac Military Area, Luzon Guerrilla Army Forces with Captain Cris Hipolito  as the local USAFFE guerrilla leader and commander while Captain Albert Hendrickson  (429th Signal Maintenance Company)  was the American guerrilla commanding officer.  There was also the HUKBALAHAP forces operating in Tarlac under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Antonio Sagkal of the General Makabulos Regiment, 3rd Regional Command (under Colonel Eusebio Aquino).

Symbol of Resistance

But what captivates me in historical perspective is this powerful image of a young guerrilla woman fighter from the Tarlac Military Area, holding the Philippine Flag and armed with pistol handgun at the time of Liberation 1945.;  a symbol of resistance, patriotism and strong and determined character against all challenges.

The Logo

Our new logo is based on this image of the Woman Fighter of Tarlac, Benita Perez.  The photographs and images shows Benita and our new logo, in time on the celebration of International Women’s Day, also worth to mention and honor the other Tarlaqueno Women Guerrilla Fighter of WWII; Captain Adelaida Villareyes (Bruce Guerrillas STMD), Captain Mercedes S. Lopes (1st Tarlac Regiment, Bruce Guerrilla STMD) and Mia Calma of the Tarlac Military Area, LGAF.


(1) HQ Tarlac Military Area TMA Luzon Guerrilla Army Forces LGAF, US National Archives NARA, College Park, MD. Philippine Archives Collection (PVAO).

(2) 1st & 2nd Tarlac Regiments, Southern Tarlac Military District, Luzon Guerrilla Forces – Bruce Guerrillas. Philippine Archives Collection (PVAO).

(3) HUKBALAHAP – Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon, File No. 118-1 Folder 2, U.S. National Archives. Philippine Archives Collection (PVAO).

Photograph of Benita Perez at Tarlac from U.S. National Archives, courtesy of Dave Metherell.

*On the logo image of Benita Perez, thanks to my niece; Francine Dela Cruz Martinez.

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