Imperial Japanese Army Type 95 NCO Shin Gunto Katana Sword at Bamban WWII Museum

“Imperial Japanese Army Type 95 NCO Shin Gunto Katana Sword found inside war tunnel of Asahiyama, Bamban Hills”

A recent acquisition from a farmer in Bamban Hills, where they found this Type 95 NCO Katana inside a tunnel originally in the 1990’s. The available markings on the Fuchi metal cup indicates the Shin
Gunto was made by Tokyo-Kokura Arsenal.

Based on the description of the farmer, it was retrieved in a tunnel near Panaisan, area which belonged to the Takayama Detachment, Kembu Group in 1945.The Katana is still in good condition, with the serial number, now in permanent exhibit at the Bamban WWII Museum.

Other technical descriptions provided by BHS Member JD Timbol, as follows:
Left marking (Private sector sword company trademark): Co,Ltd. Suya Shōten
Central mark (Inspection mark): unreadable
Right marking ( Supervisor Arsenal trademark): Tōkyō Artillery Arsenal or the “Four cannonball” mark.

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