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Center for Pacific War Studies

HANN FOUNDATION , INC. AT BAMBAN MUSEUM MR. RONNEL GOLIMLIM, manager of the Hann Foundation, is in the house! In the fulfillment of the corporate social responsibility of the Hann Group composed of the Wydus, Marriot, Swisshotel and Hann Resorts and Casinos, sir Ronnel is behind the brain and actions in instituting various programs and projects aimed at the fulfillment of the Foundation’s vision of social responsibilities.

Recently, he and his staff made a visit at our WWII Museum and were given special museum tour. Ideas and visions were exchanged for a fruitful collaborations. In the end, sir Ronnel is considering our Bamban WWII Museum as a beneficiary of their various programs of community and cultural development of the Hann Foundation.

Hope and pray that such plans of development for our museum will be implemented and become successful in the near future.

Thank you sir Ronnel and Hann Foundation !All photos from Bamban Historical Society, except the Hann Resorts and Casino (Image by Hann Resorts).

Photos from HANN RESORTS

Mr. Ronnel Golimlim, manager of the Hann Foundation Inc.

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