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Bamban Historical Society Bamban WWII Museum Center for Pacific War Studies

Feels good to finally open the Bamban WWII Museum after conducting major renovations including the roofing and trusses replacements.

It took us more than 3 weeks in order to complete the works on the Pvt Macario Dela Cruz Memorial Hall.

We were able to accomplish our objectives to prevent the further destruction of our artifacts, manuscripts and important collections in WWII History in Bamban area, with the replacement of old roof.

We welcome visitors especially descendants of WWII veterans and have an exciting opportunity to learn WWII History and the legacy of our very own WWII Heroes.

Our sincere thanks to the following who supported us, carry our burden of preserving the legacy of our local Heroes and WWII History at our Bamban WWII Museum:

Mike Ward

Chung De Ruan

Mike Villareal and Philippine Veterans Bank

Danny Ramos

Kazuhiko Moji

F. Bognot and Junsmart

Gigi Winterrowd and Family Blessie Tagle

Mike Cervantes

Abel Lacanlale

Robert Pecson

Sinichi Katayama and Gaisel Villafuerte

To the construction crew led by Chief Manny, who selflessly put every effort to complete the project, working under heavy rains during the installation of trusses and roofing and raising the walls while avoiding any damage to the glass cabinets full of artifacts; I owe them cold beers and sisig!

Our sincere thanks to my BHS members and Bamban WWII Museum volunteers who stayed with me from start to finish. Many people love our Bamban WWII Museum and to what it represents and task to achieve. Thank you Mr. Ward and all who believe in me and never left us, for making a miracle to transform our museum into a Honmaru of WWII Museum.

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