The Pampanga Capitol Circa 1945 & 2023

Two images of the Pampanga Capitol, the first one taken most probably in February 1945 by a US Army Signal Corps photographer with the Filipino forces in front of the entrance, and the other during my recent visit.

The Filipino soldiers belonged to the HUKBALAHAP unit, responsible in liberating the area even before the coming of the American forces (possibly 37th Division US Army) from the north in Angeles.

The Japanese troops of the San Fernando garrison moved north to join the mobilization of the Kembu Group composite division in Bamban Hills, where they were attached under direct command of General Rikichi Tsukada headquartered at the Takamoriyama.

The 1945 photograph is an iconic image of Liberation 1945 that must be exhibited at the entrance of the Pampanga Capitol to signify the History that happened on the exact spot and to honor and remember those unnamed Filipino soldiers, now lost in obscurity in the passage of time.

Standing on the right spot of History is such an important feeling and understanding our past and the heroic struggle of the Filipinos that we should never forget.

Thanks to my daughter Ayumi Hanniel for taking my photograph in front of the building.

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