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So much has been said, on the news and on most social media platforms nowadays on what is happening in Bamban. Truth and justice shall prevail over the land of my ancestors and soon, Bamban will regain its role, pride and honor in the History of our Nation as one of General Aguinaldo’s Capital during the tumultuous days of retreat of the Filipino Government during the Philippine-American War.
It was on June 5, 1899, when, after the debacle in Cabanatuan with the killing of General Antonio Luna, General Aguinaldo, accompanied by General Gregorio “Goyo’ Del Pilar and his brigade, journeyed from Cabanatuan to Bamban, establishing headquarters and capital and sent telegram communication to General Venancio Concepcion, commander of the Filipino forces facing the Americans at San Fernando, Pampanga. The following day, June 6, another telegram was sent from his Presidential Office to the Secretary of War with the same message of establishing headquarters of the Captain-General at Bamban, Tarlac.

A facsimile of the communique to the Secretary of War dated June 6, 1899 proved this tangible piece of evidence on the role of Bamban, signed by General Aguinaldo. Thus, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines finally approved the installation of an NHCP national marker for Bamban.

Dr. Lino L. Dizon, the famous Tarlaqueno historian and former commissioner of the NHCP, originally made research and published journals on this role of our town. Out of this historical revelation on Bamban, then Mayor Florante C. Cojuangco and the Bamban LGU declared the date as Bamban Day.

Indeed, this town had the role as one of the bastions of resistance in our Country’s fight for freedom in 1899. Aside from being one of General Aguinaldo’s field headquarters and Presidential Office, Bamban had also the following role in military establishment:
(1) General Francisco Makabulos Headquarters for Pangasinan and Tarlac; May 20, 1899.
(2) General Headquarters of the Philippine Army; August 1899.
(3) Field Headquarters of General Venancio Concepcion; September to October 1899.
(4) Field Headquarters of the Corps of Artillery, Philippine Army; September 1899.
(5) As part of the Paruao Defense Line, the right sector with Bamban Trenches, August to November 11, 1899.

To my fellow Bambanenses, it is with this History as cited above that we honor this town for its role in our Nation building. We must therefore be proud of our History, of our elders and ancestors who fought for freedom.

The Bamban became the BATIAWAN, or lookout points and military observation and outposts where the Army of the Republic and the local Sandatahanes made the stand on this sacred land.

The official Corporate Seal of Bamban, which I created and approved by the Sangguniang Bayan and the National Agencies concerned, highlights the role of our town as one of General Aguinaldo’s Capital and headquarters; hence the symbol is incorporated.

Let us not lose our pride for being Bambanenses. Let us work in our own capacity as responsible citizens of the lad of our birth and our ancestors for the true welfare of Bamban. Let us all despise evil in governance and all forms of corruption in our land, and work in the true spirits of our brave and heroic Bambanenses who fought for our freedom.

On this occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Philippine-American War, when Bamban got her role in the history of our Nation, we say, “LONG LIVE FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE!”

Rhonie Dela Cruz
Bamban WWII Museum
Bamban Historical Society

(1) General Aguinaldo, edited to incorporate other images.
(2) Official Corporate Seal of Bamban, designed by Rhonie Dela Cruz of Bamban Historical Society.
(3) Flyer layout for Bamban.
(4) General Aguinaldo’s communique to the Secretary of War related to his sojourn in Bamban, dated June 6, 1899.

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