AHP Heritage Tour to Tarlac highlights : Isang Ala-Ala sa Digmaan

“We have the curator himself and administrator of Bamban World War II Museum, Mr. Rhonie Cauguiran Dela Cruz .The museum had showcased not only the stories behind the villains and the victims, not only the arms they have carried, not only the remains they have left to remind us what everyone had been through the catastrophe. The museum contains the SOUL of World War II event how it had change the world. The LESSON it had valued that no matter good or bad it turned out, it is still part of history to be treasured. The SOUL and LESSON which were all brought to life through Rhonie’s heartfelt story and tour guidance. Trully a man behind the walls of World War II. Isa kang bayani Rhonie, maraming maraming salamat”.

Video credits from Amy Decano Cristobal

Testimonial video clip from the Advocates For Heritage Preservation taken during their Bamban WWII Museum Tour recently.

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