Bamban WWII Museum (Bamban Museum for short) is the community museum dedicated to the history of Bamban and its environs with particular interest on WWII History.

The Beginning and Activities

Bamban Museum was opened to the public in 2005. It is owned and operated by Rhonie C. Dela Cruz with the assistance of volunteers from the Bamban Historical Society members. The Bamban Historical Society volunteers also conduct battlefield reconnaissance and investigation in the former battlefields of the Bamban and collect relics and artefacts.

These artefacts are on display at the Museum as pieces of the history of the Battle of Bamban Hills. Another particular interest in the Museum is the Aetas of WWII and the WWII Heroes Project exhibit. These activities are long-term research and study of the local veterans of Bamban by the Museum and dedicated to their memory.

The Visitors of Bamban Museum

In addition to the local community, the museum is committed to serving tourists, scholars, and students at the local, national, and international levels. Priority is given to visitors from Japan and the United States, especially those whose ancestors served in World War II. We were given permission by a few of our visitors to record and publish their reviews of their time with us. Click here to see their pictures and read what they have to say about us.

Visit our World War II Exhibit

Bamban museum housed extensive collections of artefacts, relics, pictorial images of WWII in the Bamban-Clark area from American and Japanese sources, WWII combat films in the Bamban-Clark area as well as the Battle of Bataan, and books, maps, articles and papers from the US National Archives.

Latest Posts

Stay informed and updated with the latest happenings at the Bamban Museum. Here, you’ll find our most recent blog posts, news articles, and announcements related to our ongoing mission of preserving and promoting the legacy of WWII and the brave soldiers who fought for freedom.


2023 Bamban Historical Society Bamban WWII History Center for Japanese Pacific War Studies Tarlac Provincial Tourism Office – PGT “Exploring a Japanese War Tunnel (Vertical Hole) of Bamban Hills –…

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Explore More of Bamban Museum

Bamban Museum is an important institution in preserving and promoting the legacy of WWII, the Filipino and American soldiers who made sacrifices and others who paid the ultimate price to install freedom that is now being enjoyed.

Operation Fireflies

Operation Fireflies

Explore Operation Fireflies: The Bamban Historical Society is conducting field research in the Bamban Hills to recover the remains of Japanese soldiers.

Project Discovery War Tunnels

Project Discovery War Tunnels

A long-term field survey of the former battlefields of the Bamban-Stotsenburg area aimed at conducting educational and scientific studies of the former Japanese WWII tunnels.

Bamban Museum of History Interior

The World War II Heroes Project

A program of research and documentation and publications on the WWII Heroes especially in Bamban, Tarlac and Clark area.

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The Center For Japanese Pacific War Studies

A program collecting historical materials on Japanese involvement in the Bamban-Clark area during WWII, shedding light on Special Attack forces and Kembu Shudan narratives.

The Aeta Mag Antsi Project

The Aeta Mag Antsi Project aims to document the Indigenous People of Bamban’s history, culture, and ancestral domain.

Historic Bamban & Forgotten Conflicts of the Philippine-American War

Historic Bamban & Forgotten Conflicts of the Philippine-American War

Delves into often overlooked conflicts of the Philippine-American War (1899-1900) in Pampanga, Tarlac, and Aeta ancestral lands, providing insights into neglected historical narratives.

Investigating History: Researching Untold WWII Accounts

A comprehensive historical research on WWII particularly forgotten accounts or never been published in the areas of Tarlac, Bamban and Clark.